About us

The department works collaboratively with government, community organisations, peak bodies and other stakeholders to achieve our vision of an enlivened Western Australia with successful communities and economy.

Our vision

Enlivened and successful communities and economy.

Our mission

To facilitate lively communities and economy and the offering of outstanding and inclusive sporting and cultural experiences.

Our values

Our values include:

  • vision
  • excellence
  • integrity
  • diversity
  • leadership. 


Our objectives are:

  • to partner with local government to deliver good governance to community
  • to promote participation and achievement in sport, recreation, culture and the arts
  • to support and grow the cultural industries
  • to promote the benefits of cultural diversity and social inclusion
  • to provide opportunities in the hospitality sector by reducing red tape on the liquor and gambling industries
  • to celebrate Aboriginal culture and preserve history and traditions.

We will achieve this by:

  • working collaboratively with other State government departments
  • creating synergies and finding efficiencies in business functions
  • responding proactively to State government imperatives such as election commitments and stated strategic priorities
  • contributing to the achievement of government targets
  • community-focused engagement and partnerships.

Executive leadership

  • Duncan Ord OAM, Director General
  • Michael Connolly, Deputy Director General
  • Margaret Butcher, Assistant Director General
  • Glen Kar, Executive Director Corporate Services
  • Kim Ellwood, Executive Director Planning and Service Delivery, and Sport and Recreation
  • Rob Didcoe, (interim) Executive Director Culture and the Arts
  • Anna Wyatt, Director Aboriginal Culture and History
  • Kim Ellwood, Executive Director Office of Multicultural Interests
  • Lisa Fanciulli, Executive Director Infrastructure
Page reviewed 05 August 2019